The Dead Days Have Come...

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Here are some sample pages of a spread in the current issue of Kirameki, with Shilo & opheliadarkly

MUA: Katie Connolly

Masks in the second set: Urban Lace

Wardrobe in the first set: Kambriel

Featured designs:
Ruffled Black Shadowen Blouse
Theda Skirt
Chiffon Dracula’s Bride Gown

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we fight at dawn

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Why Declawing is a Bad Idea (An 1-minute guide)

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Or don’t fucking own animals if you care more about your furniture than their happiness.x__x Sebastian sometimes scratches at the couch. I seriously do not care, as long as hes a happy kitty, I’m happy. I can’t believe people would do this to their animals because of a few loose threads in the sofa or whatever.>:C Better yet, I can’t believe its LEGAL and practiced. What even

You don’t need to sacrifice having nice things to own a cat, though. Teaching them to scratch at a scratch post instead of furniture is fairly easy, especially with the aid of sprays like Keep Off. I let the cats here scratch my secondhand furniture, but not the nice things I own that I want to keep in pristine condition.

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Weave us a mist, fog weaver.

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Last looks from my holographic chapter ^^

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